thumbnail of old woman in front of mirror with 3 nursing home staff workers around her
Fixing Elder Care
thumbnail of illustrated portrait of jeb bush with man sitting on his head
Letters to Jeb Bush
thumbnail of a figure laying on the ground surrounded by paper
So You Want To Write A COVID Novel?
thumbnail of people standing in front of a pedestrian crossing at Times Square
Passing Times in NYC
thumbnail of a figure sitting on a bed
I’ve Got Nothing Left To Give To End This Pandemic
thumbnail of figures gathered in a circle
Campuses are Offering Therapy for Anxiety Over Climate Change
thumbnail of person sitting on a chair surrounded by a maze of fingers and bills
Payday Lenders Are Big Winners in Utah’s Chatroom Justice Program
thumbnail of person holding a torch while staring into a roll of wrapping paper
Goodbye, Christmas
thumbnail of two people sitting inside a covid shaped dome
Would Swiping Right During A Pandemic Really Help?
thumbnail of a woman in the shadow of a large building surrounded by paper
Nonprofit Websites Are Riddled With Ad Trackers
thumbnail of figure passing a briefcase underneath a lunch tray
One Case Down
thumbnail of a figure looking upwards from a stairwell with Covid shaped shadows cast over
We Might Be Looking At COVID "Seasons" For Years To Come
thumbnail of a man standing next to a lamp pole
Come Get Shit Here
thumbnail of a woman staring out a window with greek vases in foreground
There Is Still A Way Out Of The Climate Crisis
thumbnail of a a woman in the shadow of a large building surrounded by paper
Some Hospitals Kept Suing Patients Over Medical Debt Through the Pandemic
thumbnail of a man eating in a hawker building
Hot Out There, Cool In Here
thumbnail of people reflected in puddles as a man holding an umbrella walks away
People In Puddles
thumbnail of an older man leading a race between business people
Who Are The Most Successful Entrepreneurs?
thumbnail of a woman mourning in graveyard with large city in background
City, Island
thumbnail of Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang
Penang 2020
thumbnail of waiter watching filing cabinets collapse while documents fall from the sky
Rip Up The Unemployment System and Start Again
thumbnail of stressed office workers on multiple screens in front of their CEO
CEOs Dealing With Two Mental Health Crises
thumbnail of a nervous woman surrounded by fish
thumbnail of photos of in an envelope
America’s Most Flamboyant Private Eye and the 8,000-Mile Manhunt
thumbnail of ox looking at clouds in sky
Year of The Ox 21
thumbnail of lonely person embraced by invisible figure in a room
Getting Back In Touch
thumbnail of figure in a dark room with the cast shadow of window blinds across the room
Mental Health During Self Isolation
thumbnail of a woman and her dog jogging with facemasks on
Working Out In Year 2020
thumbnail of a snowman staring into display window full of masked mannequins during Christmas
Christmas 2020
thumbnail of suspicious people reflected in water
thumbnail of a figure in a skatepark surrounded by monkeys
Skatepark, Monkeys
thumbnail of a lonely old woman looking towards the door
When They Arrive Again
thumbnail of a woman with a bubble of fishes around her head
thumbnail of three boys on a dock playing with their reflections in the water
Summer In Ogunquit ME
thumbnail of red brick buildings in New York City with tall cranes and new buildings in the background
NYC's Changing Skyline
thumbnail of a cat with a reflection of a panther in mirror
Revealing Your Inner Self
thumbnail of a person looking out of a window at a moving tree against an orange sky
As The World Moves On
thumbnail of gargoyles flying from the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral
Escaping the Fires of Notre Dame
thumbnail of rats in sewer with their tails forming a Chinese character
Year of The Rat 20
thumbnail of figures embracing and surrounding each other
Understanding and Caring for Yourself
thumbnail of boat cutting through a sea of sharks
thumbnail of two figures staring at one another with one clean and the other with blood splatters over themselves
Psycopaths and Us
thumbnail of politicians conveying information about the Coronavirus to the next person
American Phases of the Virus
thumbnail of coffee cups with drawings of the forced labor used to harvest coffee beans on the cups
Picked By Slaves
thumbnail of figure sitting next to a well surrounded by a mountains range
Some Chinese Poetry